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It’s the Stories in the Stories.

I am not a speaker who, given the choice, turns up at an event, speaks and disappears. Firstly I like to be prepared, get to the venue, double-check technical, and get comfortable. More importantly, it’s the people I love. I enjoy being able to see how the day plays out for everyone, what am I being part of and most importantly hear the stories from people about their lives.

When I stand on that stage, the audience sees into my life and my research. They get to understand who I am as a person, as part of that storytelling journey and from there I find that we build an unseen bond. People always, without question, approach and share with me their life. How have or will the key takeaways be interpreted? They will speak about how they can relate, what they will take into their lives, and what has been a useful tip that they will take away.

They will always share moments and stories of love, loss, tragedy and for those moments I always hold space. It is one of the greatest gifts I am able to provide as a speaker. You open people up when you stand on the stage for an hour; to then walk away and not allow them the space and time to share the openness and connection you have inadvertently built is the definition of unkindness for me.

It truly is the stories that come from my stories that hold such incredible power. I also share that you can do this in your homes and workplaces. Share stories, your stories; and see the impact and positive dynamics of your relationships with certain people build.



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