Transforming organisations to have higher productivity, improved employee retention, engagement and reduction of stress and anxiety in the workplace.

organisational Health check 

All organisational health checks will be completed online through this section. 

Available on request.


Consultation involves a bespoke program designed for the organisation to resolve the challenges they face.



A Culture of Kindness 

accrediation program will be available from March 2020.  Get in touch to register your interest

Leaders program

The leaders program is an intense development program that looks to grow mindset and enhance the culture practices already established

“I just wanted to tell you that I very much enjoyed today's session. I'm quite pleased with this topic and the fact that our organisation has undertaken it as a culture change objective. And I don't think they could have found a better person to lead it for us. Thank you very much for leading us through this engaging experience today."


We partnered with Arteel to provide our clients with a tangible

solution to grow appreciation or in our words, gratitude.  We know that this increases retention and makes for a better workplace.  

Get in touch below and we can share you show how much value it can provide. 

Nahla writes.

A Culture of Kindness book has been gaining excellent reviews.  It is a practical book for leaders to enhance their skills and develop a culture change that will improve productivity, employee retention, engagement whilst also reducing stress and anxiety. 

Nahla speaks

Nahla is available as a speaker for your corporate event.  Her talks are inspiring and informative. They delve into how her interesting journey of a culture of kindness and how she became the 'accidental researcher of kindness' with practical examples of how you can change your culture. 

Nahla podcast

Talking to leaders, influencers, authors and everyone in between. Probably, the most eclectic mix of guests on any podcast. 


The Culture of Kindness podcast discuss how kindness influences the way they lead and live.

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