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What we offer?

A Culture of Kindness-2.png

The Culture of Kindness theory is a service to support organisations set up cultures that are better for themselves, employees and the world as a whole.

To make lasting change in any organisation you must firstly look at culture.  The aim is to break the patterns that drive the poor performance we all hope to eradicate within workplaces.  Through our program we provide the way to break these patterns and transform the culture.

The Culture of Kindness training program is a mix of giving knowledge, team development and the planning of the organisations growth. We are not your usual tick box exercise training and from it we will always feedback and consult on the next steps from our sessions.


We saw from our research a need to train through the Emotional Intelligence model but also incorporating values workshops. We build training programs that are unique, inclusive and respect each attendee.


Our drive is to make workplaces not only happier places for everyone to be, but to make organisations more profitable and increase growth over a shorter period of time.

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Firstly we provide a 'Cultural Assessment' report that allows us to identify the gaps to ensure your organisation can be in the most productive, profitable and healthy position.  


It is presented into a dashboard with clear guidelines on next steps. A detailed report based on Values, Emotional Intelligence and the Organisational Morals is produced.  It will look to seek out the gaps to have a strong 'Culture of Kindness house' as the theory lays out. 

A training program unique for your organisation is designed to meet your objectives.  We ensure you have a culture that will support the development of your people and the organisational growth.  This is completed through a series of unique and interactive workshops.


 Please do ask to see our training program by getting in touch below.

We then take the 'Cultural assessment' again. We look at the areas improved and the areas that have still not improved for whatever reason.

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Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

We will, if required, come in to support organisations continue to deliver this cultural change and measure the improvements that this culture change has on said organisation over the ongoing years.  


We do this through roadshows, talks, workshops and communications channels that work with the company designed in a bespoke package based from the information generated from the health checks and training program. 

The organisation can then seek to gain Culture of Kindness Accreditation.

Business Meeting

Over the following year after accreditation we suggest that key leaders within the organisation take part in the Culture of Kindness leaders program.


This is a program designed to give back to society but also address some of the points that were prevalent within the previous steps to work as a way to continue to enhance and develop the culture. 

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