What we offer?

The Culture of Kindness theory is a service to support business and organisations set up cultures that are better for themselves, employees and the world as a whole.

We provide a number of tools that can be utilised by leaders as individuals to start that change, such as the book and podcast. However it is also about supporting this culture change for organisations.  We do this in a step by step process.  Including bespoke training programs for your teams and a pre built one day leader training that plants the seed of kindness for your team.  All of these are available through delivery on Zoom as well as face to face. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Firstly we provide a 'Health Check' report that allows you to see the areas that need some work to bring your organisation to a more productive, profitable and healthy position.  


It is presented into a dashboard with clear guidelines on next steps. A detailed report based on Values, Emotional Intelligence and the Organisational Morals is produced.  It will look to seek out the gaps to have a strong 'Culture of Kindness house' as the theory lays out in the book. 

We advise that you get your leaders and management team to read and follow the Culture of Kindness book.  To also complete the online course that is available.  The Culture of Kindness book and podcast are to be used by individuals.  However these can be more powerful when a team or organisation all use the book.


Therefore agreeing that this theory of 'building the culture of kindness house' is the way they want to work; with all the benefits that they will gain in health and wealth off the back of it. 

We then take the 'Health Check' again. We look at the areas improved and the areas that have still not improved for whatever reason.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

We will, if required, come in to support businesses deliver this cultural change and measure the improvements that this culture change has on said organisation.  


We do this through roadshows, talks, workshops and communications channels that work with the company designed in a bespoke package based from the information generated from the health checks. 

The organisation can then seek to gain Culture of Kindness Accreditation. This will launch in March 2020. 

Over the following year after accreditation we suggest that key leaders within the organisation take part in the Culture of Kindness leaders retreat program.


This is a program designed to give back to society but also address some of the points that were prevalent within the previous steps to work as a way to continue to enhance and develop the culture. 

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