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Who are we? 

A Culture of Kindness-2.png

The Culture of Kindness theory has been developed from six years of research by the founder Nahla Summers.  Using the theory, along with her 15 years of experience in senior leadership, Nahla along with her team transform organisations to provide them with quantitative change.

Through Nahlas' talks, she inspires a mindset of positive change in her audiences and organisations as a whole.  She is improving the way people and businesses co-exist by delivering powerful research examples and actions that allow organisations to work towards a more sustainable future, build stronger teams, resilience and growth mindsets. 

As well as creating change within organisations, Nahla has a wealth of inspirational stories from her mission since 2012 to change the way the world interacts.  She set herself the challenge to start a global conversation about kindness through completing sponsored challenges.


What she discovered after all this experience and information was that after 15 years in the corporate world, the main issue within most workplaces was very simply....unkindness. 


It was the cause for people leaving.  The reasons why stress and anxiety was prevalent in the workplaces. It was the reason people became disgruntled and lacked motivation. Unkindness was effecting our productivity on a global scale. 

Nahla works with a small team of freelance consultants and coaches, who specialities are different but with Emotional Intelligence as the ultimate foundation of the training and work they have undertaken. 


She has, to name a few, cycled 3000 miles across America after purchasing a bike just six weeks before and walked 500 miles from South to North England with no money, relying only on the kindness of strangers. However, she asks people to show their support for her challenges by simply doing an act of kindness for a stranger rather than the usual request to sponsored money.


Raising thousands of acts of kindness each year, she has a catalogue of stories that demonstrates the power that 10 minutes can have. This is a powerful and inspiration message for any group or organisation.

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