Who are we? 

A Culture of Kindness theory was developed by Nahla Summers and has since grown into a working practice that many organisations aspire to be part of.  

Nahla, after the death of her partner, had always remembered the kindness of a stranger in her time of grief. So much so, she started up Sunshine People.  She takes on a yearly challenge and instead of asking people to show support by sponsoring money, she asks them to instead simply go out and do an act of kindness for a stranger.  

She, in turn, became the accidental researcher of kindness as people gifted her more and more information about kindness, everything from books to people.  What she discovered after all this experience and information was that after 15 years in the corporate world, the main issue within most workplaces was very simply....unkindness. 

It was the cause for people leaving.  The reasons why stress and anxiety was prevalent in the workplaces. It was the reason people became disgruntled and lacked motivation. Unkindness was effecting our productivity on a global scale. 

Nahla works with a small team of freelance consultants and coaches, who specialities are different but with Emotional Intelligence as the ultimate foundation of the training and work they have undertaken. 


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