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Who are we? 

A Culture of Kindness-2.png

The Culture of Kindness theory has been developed since 2014 through research by the founder Nahla Summers.  Using the theory formed in 2018, along with her 15 years of experience in senior leadership, Nahla along with her team, transform organisations to provide them with quantitative change.

Through Nahlas' talks, she inspires a mindset of positive change in her audiences and organisations as a whole.  She is improving the way people and businesses co-exist by delivering powerful research examples and actions that allow organisations to work towards a more sustainable future, and build stronger teams, resilience and growth mindsets. 

As well as creating change within organisations, Nahla has a wealth of inspirational stories from her mission since 2012 to change the way the world interacts.  She set herself the challenge to start a global conversation about kindness by completing sponsored challenges.


What she discovered after all this experience and information was that after 15 years in the corporate world, the main issue within most workplaces was very simple....unkindness. 


Paul has since joined the team with an incredible amount of experience in human resources and the Emotional Intelligence arena.  His ideals and work ethic are perfectly matched to everything in the A Culture of Kindness theory.


“Paul’s delivery style is warm, engaging, personable and most importantly hugely enjoyable! Teams have left the sessions with a deep understanding of emotional behaviour, its importance, and how to lever in a way that works best for them personally and for their area of work.” Lesley-Anne Knowles, Executive Director (People), Changing Lives 

You can find out all about Paul HERE in his own words because here at A Culture of Kindness we understand the power of hearing each others stories.   

How do we bring this to life for you

Pauls favourite philosophy is ‘wisdom lives within’ and the work of A Culture of Kindness is exactly this, this is done through 

  • 1-2-1 Coaching – Working with individuals to understand and clarify what is important to them, how they operate and how to best shape their future success (where success is a balance of, Effectiveness, Relationships, Wellbeing, Quality of Life)

  • Team Event Creation and Facilitation – Delivering impactful sessions that allow for better team understanding, cohesion and work delivery.

  • Consulting – Helping organisations create a human-focussed culture through the lens of Emotional Intelligence. Ensuring that this is applied pragmatically and practically in organisation policies, systems and practices.

  • Speaking – Delivering keynote talks at your company events to get people engaged and provoke thinking.

The Future With You…

We'd love to collaborate with you to shape your future success and to help you live a more joyful life, both inside and outside of work.  We’d love to do this with your teams and across your organisation.

In Paul's favourite words.........How do you FEEL about that?


Check out the social change movement that is Sunshine People

There are many ways to become part of the change

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