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Meet Paul

A Culture of Kindness-2.png

'Bringing out your humanity at work'.


About Me

I am a 50+ year old bloke from Newcastle upon Tyne and proud to be from the North East, where I have always lived and worked.

I love puns, lyrics, beer, kindness, and Newcastle United.

(Please note - we do not hold this last fact against him and we hope you won't either) :) 

About My Career

My background is in HR and in over 3 decades I have worked across a range of sectors, including utilities, professional services, higher education, manufacturing and technology, I have helped to shape people, teams and organisational cultures and learned a lot about business and people along the way.

A big change came in 2017, when I attended a week-long course on Emotional Intelligence.  It changed my life. The then 46-year-old me, first started to see and understand how emotions were driving everything I did, both at work and in my personal life.  It also allowed me to see the world of work through a new lens.  The reason why conflict occurred, or that people stayed off work longer or left the business or weren’t performing optimally, wasn’t because of their technical capability or their IQ, but was almost exclusively down to how they were feeling about their situation.  What was going on below the surface was what truly mattered.  The truth was:

Emotions drive People.  


                              People drive performance.

This epiphany led the naturally cautious, considered me, to give up my 30-year HR career to make tangible change through the power of Emotional Intelligence development


My Vision

My vision is to help people in organisations to be more joyful and successful through the power of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Emotional Intelligence is about blending thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions. It is being able to notice, name and understand emotions and use that data to make decisions that are more aligned to what is TRULY important to you.  EI helps you become a better leader of yourself and others.


What Others Say About Me

"Paul's passion for Emotional Intelligence is contagious. He transformed my approach to interactions, leaving a lasting imprint on my leadership style." - Graham Purvis, Managing Director, Robson Laidler Accountants

“Paul ran an offsite over 3 days for our Leadership team at Vida focussing on Emotional Intelligence. Through Paul’s engaging and authentic style, we were all able to develop both as individuals and as a team and left the offsite knowing more about ourselves and one another.” Jennie Walton, Chief Culture Officer, Belmont Green Finance Limited

"Reflecting on my strengths and areas of development with Paul has been an enriching experience. His coaching style is engaging, making the process of self-awareness a journey of growth." - Lynn Perry, People Director, END.

"Paul's unique ability to guide you to answers and explore decision-making processes has brought balance to my personal and professional life, a feat I've struggled with throughout my career." - Steve Millard, Global Head of Ecommerce and Marketing, Mayborn Group Limited

"Paul's insightful approach and willingness to delve deeper have turned me from a coaching skeptic to a staunch advocate of his services." - Suzanne Caveney, Legal Director, Eversheds Sutherland



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