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Why do we exist?

A Culture of Kindness-2.png

For any organisation looking to stay at the forefront of future they must adopt an approach that is structured and a far cry from the standard practices of times gone by.  Our newer generations are looking for thanks, to be valued and heard, to have freedom and creativity.  Ultimately they are looking for kindness but not quite as you know it.

Many believe kindness to be too fluffy for the corporate world. Kindness is often seen as something that is weakness or is likely to see you having to say yes to everything. However this organisational culture change is far from that. 

Currently, it is understood that as a workforce we are the least productive we have ever been.  Stress and anxiety is increasing, employee retention is lowering as the newer generation leave positions because they are simply unhappy.  Gone are the days where people so often stoically stayed in jobs they weren't fullfilled from. 

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A Culture of Kindness is about breaking the standard norms of the workplace.  Its not about saying yes and bringing in cakes every day.  It is about honesty with staff, listening and high emotional intelligence.  Its a focus on behaviours and values.  Having a zero tolerance for when people step out of the agreed morals of the organisation. 

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An organisations profitability and success will be led by the ability to maintain and grow teams.  The Culture of Kindness theory as laid out in the book tackles that in a world where the generational gaps calls for a more unified approach to work. 

If you think this isn't applicable to your organisation, why not simply try out Step 1 of the program to prove your organisation has no need for the program. 

To be part of the social revolution to change our workplaces then get in touch. 

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