Nahla Writes 

Nahla wrote the inspirational award-winning book, '44 Rays of Sunshine'.  It takes you through the journey of grief and how in the end you can overcome severe tragedy. 


Her second book is 'Her friends' due to be published in 2020. It is a Philosophical fiction that leads the reader to ask themselves some very important questions about life, it will not fail to move you and undoubtedly change your thinking.  


Nahla has also published her non- fiction 'A Culture of Kindness' on the 1st September 2019. Her cause Sunshine People ( is the basis for this invaluble piece of work.

This is a book to support any person or leader who wants to bring a culture of kindness into their own life.  She will do talks on this in September and it is heavily based on her podcast due to launch the same time with the same name.