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A Culture of Kindness-2.png

The Culture of Kindness is pleased to be offering in partnership with Psytech, psychometric assessments and solutions for the workplace as part of our commitment to support our clients.  We find the reports to be exceptionally helpful for many aspects of organisational culture and growth.  

You can choose to complete the assessment as an individual for your own personal development or as an organisation who is looking for something to support and improve recruitment and the performance management process.  This is the perfect tool to support healthy organisational growth. 

The assessment you complete is called the 15FQ+.  This takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and can be completed today.  

Based on an extensively researched model, it provides an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of human personality. It has been developed to ensure culture and gender fairness and has been adapted into over 20 languages.

Building on the most current research, the 15FQ+ maintains the breadth of the original 16 personality factors first identified by Raymond B Cattell. It sets new standards for reliability and validity.

You choose from three different reports.  Examples can be seen on this page. They are incredibly helpful for selection processes, individual and team development, coaching and guidance. 

Simply click on the report below that you are interested to get examples and purchase options. 

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Supporting Emotional Intelligence in the workplace 

Great for individuals or organisations

 Personality Assessment 

Competency focused Personality Assessment

Great to use for interviews of individuals self assessment. 

 Management derailers

Identification of management derailers

Perfect for organisations to develop teams 

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