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Nahla is a confident, dynamic and experienced keynote speaker.  She will motivate and inspire your workforce with stories of how she gained resilience, grew her own growth mindset and adopted the can do attitude even when everything around her was falling apart.  She provides through story telling the practical solutions we all need to improve our own wellbeing and leadership skills. 

Nahla speaks

Nahla is a confident, dynamic and experienced keynote speaker.  She will motivate and inspire your workforce with how they can gain resilience, the importance of living trough set of values umbrellaed under kindness, develop a growth mindset and adopt the can do attitude even when everything around them might be falling apart.  She provides this through story telling the practical solutions we all need to improve our own wellbeing and leadership skills. 

Nahla speaks

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"Nahla delivered a really touching and powerful lesson in resilience and made us analyse the constituent parts of happiness..."


"It was an inspiring, motivating talk, from an accomplished and passionate speaker and I would highly recommend her."


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“Nahlas talk was the first to sell out, in just two days.  Her talk did not disappoint and became quite a talking piece for the event”


"Kindness is a recurring gift and having Nahla speak to our organisation has had a transformational impact."


"Really insightful, powerful, mind provoking with an interesting and different way of tackling leadership challenges."

Nahla Summers is an established and sought-after speaker.  She takes the audience on a journey and delivers a tangible impact long after the talk is over.  With a unique and inspiring delivery, everyone will be motivated to make change in the way they think, work and lead.


A thought leader, World Record holder, social change researcher and Cultural change consultant, she has a talk for every audience that will get them up and interacting or simply inspired by her incredible stories.  She reframes the complicated challenges of workplaces and life to give the listeners many ‘ah ha’ moments. 


She will deliver through those stories and personal experience talks based on increasing the resilience of the audience, how to reframe the story of mental health and how when we unite together, we can not only change our immediate 

surroundings but the world as a whole.  


Nahla spent 15 years as a senior leader in some of the leading management firms based all over the world.  Then the world she knew fell apart and it was the kindness of a stranger that became a catalyst for picking herself back up.  From here, she started to research the power of kindness, what kindness really was and she discovered that all the values that are umbrellaed in kindness; Gratitude, Empathy, Integrity, Time, Trust, Connection and Courage were in the most part missing from the organisations she had worked within.  She was soon to discover that it was this that was at the root cause of the mental health conversation within workplaces.  When we focus on kindness and the values within that we can make lasting change to the workplace culture.


Whilst doing this research, she wanted to see what was happening in the world at large and heard hundreds of stories of kindness. She entwines these into her talks to bring them to life and ensure the audience can see the change they can make is simple.  


Aside this, she set up Sunshine People CIC to start a conversation in society about kindness.  She has been awarded a point of light award from the Prime Minister for ‘transforming the concept of sponsorship’.  After cycling 3000 miles across America and walking 500 miles from South to North England, broke a World Record by travelling 5007 miles on a stand-up bike asking people to show their support by simply doing an act of kindness for a stranger rather than sponsor money.  Every year she takes on a new challenge and every year she discovers something new about the power that kindness has on people.  These incredible stories from her challenges are weaved in to demonstrate how in fact anyone can build resilience in just a moment.  


She has several books, A Culture of Kindness, is a powerful theory of how we can bring kindness into the workplace and not only be happier overall but also improve employee wellbeing.  Her theory removes stress and anxiety from workplaces, therefore allowing increased productivity and profitable.  

The Accidental Adventurer shares the journey of doing the challenges she has completed with a number of inspiring messages running through it that the reader is drawn to as they start to understand that if she can, then they can too. 




Why kindness at work is not about bringing in the biscuits

It is believed that kindness is about saying yes and being nice.  But in this powerful and insightful talk, Nahla shares how in fact being nice in work can often be incredibly unkind for the greater good. 

How to transform your culture through kindness. 

Culture change starts with every individual, this talk empowers everyone to see how they all play a role growth for themselves and the organisation through kindness 

Why kindness is no longer a fluffy concept, it’s imperative for our workforce

This talk shares the trends in the workforce that, makes them relatable to the audience and shares how they can all make change. 

Remove stress and anxiety through the power of kindness 

There is a culture of putting a plaster over the mental health crisis that plagues workplaces, however in this talk Nahla shares why and how it’s all in our hands. 

How culture change produces the biggest gains for everyone

This talk explains how and why the gains come about from culture change, what is the culture and how the idea of kindness happen.


Seven ways to grow resilience for everyone

She draws upon her personal experience of achieving World Records by bringing to life how we can all have greater resilience. 


The eight values the most successful leaders possess

This talk is summary of the work, the stories and the core values that the greatest leaders hold from the research.  

This is Nahlas speakers showreel. 

Nahla speaks on various platforms inspiring audiences with her various talks.

Nahla has been featured numerous times across mainstream media.  She speaks across many schools across the UK giving talks that inspire young people to be kinder to each other along with the power of what that can do to the world as a whole. 

Follow to see more updates on the challenges to promote kindness and her work overall.


Nahla has been featured on many podcast.  Here she is featured as a guest on Lord Mark Prices Happiness at Work Podcast for his WorkL organisation. ​

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