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5 key ways to be more interesting

(Written for Expat Women) 

This is so important for those of you who change countries and need to make new friends and a new life for yourself with people that match your own values.

Of course, you want to be interesting to all people, but why is it important? Well it helps build friendships and builds on your confidence. The tips below help you with the most important thing, to build on yourself and all the amazing things that make up you. Immediately, even to those you are unlikely to become best friends with, they will still, undoubtedly, find you interesting.

Be you and share that

I can’t stress this enough. We spend a lot of time trying to be someone else and fit in with people that we surround ourselves with at that present moment in time. If you are behaving the same as everyone else in the group, how interesting do you think you become? You are an amazing and unique person, it's a wonderful thing to be able to embrace that and share that with the world.

Say yes to things

Saying yes to opportunities that present themselves to you gives you depth. Say yes if someone asks you to do a cycle ride or a paraglide. An activity that you have never done before allows you to have an experience that enhances your confidence, a good story to tell and to meet more people. Another example might be to say yes to an opportunity to go to a party you might have otherwise said no to, saying yes means you can try out being ‘you’ and meet the sort of people who you also find interesting sharing some great ideas with.

Be brave

Its not always easy saying yes and leaping into a change. Bravery sits high up in the requirements to make the change happen. Remember, bravery only takes a second, so do it without thinking about all the other things that might stop you. Mel Robbins talks about those first five seconds of getting out of bed in the morning when you keep hitting the snooze button. To be brave, you just have to stop pressing the snooze button.

Work on you

Read more, watch more documentaries and work out the things that make you smile in life. The best things to ask yourself are

‘Who am I?. What do I like? What are my values? what do I want to be more and see more of? '

This is you, and makes up you now and the future you. When you meet new people, knowing this, having done the work on you, you then have interesting things to talk about.


Share the experiences, the things you learn and see. Great stories that invoke a positive feeling amongst its listeners. Share with people who matter and those that you think will matter to you in the future. Sharing of yourself is the main way you become interesting because otherwise how does anyone know you.



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