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Human Connection and how to increase it.

Human Connection in the UAE (as published in Expat Women)

Human connection is defined by Brene Brown as “ define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

Have you ever had a moment with a stranger and felt completely connected with them? Equally have you had moments with your nearest and dearest where you have felt so disconnected from you and you them you wonder if you know each other at all?

Some might say that human connection takes time to develop and it does, but if you think about it you can have and do human connection in just one meeting.

How this happens is because when we really allow someone to feel truly listened to, to not be judgemental in your responses or thoughts towards them, to be there for them with your entire being, no phone distraction, no distractions from the day or what might happen tomorrow, just being in the moment with the person you are being with.

Happiness is the thing we seek out, we want it, we strive for it. It will come as no surprise that those who have more human connection in their everyday lives have more happiness. By doing volunteer work for communities we feel a sense of belonging and purpose Its why people choose to go to a councillor or coach rather than just read about self help books. Human connection is so important to rid ourselves of loneliness and feel connected.

Here in the UAE, its tough. Its challenging in such a transient place to have and keep connection. Dubai is hugely successful, it really is the place you can make a business, career and have a wonderful social life if you so wish. However all that networking to build your career can often confuse the human connection and the need to build the accolades in life. Connections are not networks.

So, how can we change it. Top three tips would be this.

1.Making time to smell the flowers.

While the location can often feel it dictates how our lives are run, it is in fact us who controls what connections we have. Make time for those special people you meet and connect with to do lovely things.

2.Don't make the connections about work, career, job.

Make your conversations not about what you can gain from them but what you can learn from them, how you can support them in their life journey not there work journey.

3.Make plans and check in with people.

Life is busy but in a world that is so fast it is easy to forget about people until we need them. Its important to check in even when we don' have anything to say apart from, 'Hey I was just thinking of the great dinner we had. Wanted to check in on how you were doing? Always around if you need. '



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