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Kindness and Covid -19

There appears to be a circular pattern with kindness over the centuries. One that is fed through the culture at the time in that particular country.

It appears that only when we sink to the lowest places as a society through poor politics, death, natural disaster or such like does kindness have a chance to be more prevalent. Like the desperation for water in a drought.

Ask anyone who lived through the World Wars and they will tell you that people took care of their neighbours. They gave relief to their enemy in the quiet times of self reflection. It would seem unusual when our backs are up against the wall that we don't necessarily go into protection mode, but that something shines through us and allows us to be vulnerable. That ultimately the need for human connection is greater. I believe that at the heart of everything, as humans we recognise that we need each other to survive. To be the last man standing does not encourage our survival as a species.

A fundamental wave of kindness appears to have rolled through the ages of our development as society.

This time is no different, we are rising back up to finding community and society as being important once again. A need to connect with loved ones has taken precedence.

It takes big things to happen to make big change. I have been promoting and studying kindness for 7 years and never have I seen such hope for our future.

The world is giving us a message if we are only willing to hear it. A major conversation was started about the environment several years ago and little change happened as individuals, from organisations and politically, not enough to make the improvements we needed. Then we are forced to stop and the earth and environment starts to heal. The creatures took back their habitats and pollution dropped.

Where I live, the sun has shone every day for two weeks, this is unprecedented. It makes me think that maybe the world is happier because we are treading a little lighter and finding a way back to each other. After we have found a way through the terrible Corvid-19; I hope that we remember this.


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