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The Management Derailers Solution describes respondents’ results in terms of a series of behavioural syndromes that can present challenges for organisations in a variety of work settings. The behaviours assessed in this solution have been developed from the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organisation’s systems for classifying personality disorders and from the seminal work of Theodore Millon on dysfunctional personality types. Despite the origin of these behaviours it should be noted, however, that the solution does not assess clinical problems, but rather personality types that can be problematic in work settings.

Although the behavioural syndromes identified in the Derailer Solution typically present significant challenges in most organisations and employment contexts, it should be noted that such syndromes can also be characteristic of high achievers. (Such individuals may however require ongoing mentoring and support if they are not to destabilise their colleagues and the organisation they are working in). The Derailer Solution should therefore be interpreted in the context of the specific job role that the individual is being assessed for, and with reference to the organisational culture they will be working in.

Management Derailers

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