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Never achieve what you want in a day?

There is this constant pressure within so many of us, particularly entrepreneur types that never feel that they have done enough. The list is never done, the work never achieved, the goal will never be reached and ultimately they are just not good enough.

This pattern goes on each day, until someone tells them something different or for one day they achieve an extraordinary number of things that is not sustainable long term but gives a sense of accomplishment, just enough to think they can do it everyday.

These people are hard on themselves, it does sit in most of us to be fair but there is a personality type that will relate to this so much more. I could name the various tests and the various outcomes but at this point you will know already if you fall into this category.

Of course, if I try to mention not taking on so much this will make your hairs bristle because you are an entrepreneur type and feel very uncomfortable with that idea. It feels as if it will set you back in life.

Something I learnt very early on life and also when I completed my NLP Masters qualification. Is when we think about the negative we need to to train our brains to reverse the natural thought pattern.

So those who are hardest on themselves look at the things they haven't done rather than the things they have, their brain are committed to the idea of criticism and comparison as a way to succeed.

So keep writing the list but looking at the 10 things you have done rather than the 5 you didn't will allow you to be more upbeat and likely more productive the very next day when you start again on taking the steps to world domination.


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