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What is the right support path?

So you find yourselves in a slump and you aren't able to get through it. There are so many different routes you can go down to gain support, here I discuss some of those options

Self help

There are a huge number of ways to help yourself, sometimes though this can be overwhelming on where to even start with the excessive number of books and internet based support it can feel tougher to look at this than even at your own issues.

Firstly, what I suggest is if you have a friend who has been through something similar, then ask them if they found a book, article or you tube channel that was helpful.

Not got a buddy who is going through what you are (you probably do but they may be holding in by the way so don't feel alone.) Use google to gain some reviews on books and if you are not a reader try audio books.

If none of the above appeals, give me an email or a call, explain your issues and I will recommend some great resources for you.


A councillor will listen to your problems without judgement. They will usually go over with you the problems and ask questions. When I went through my own journey I went to a councillor. This a great place to let yourself cry and come to, through the process of talking, a conclusion to your problems and why you feel a certain way about something.


To go and see a trainer in a particular topic you are likely to learn something new that will change your direction in some way. It's usually quite specific and you will come away with a very specific set of skills that you have signed up for.


A coach is a little bit of everything above really. They will listen, ask lots of questions that get you to think much deeper than you would normally. They will train you in new skills and techniques that you can use to coach yourself in the future. These will be that key to ensure you can help yourself going forwards. You can see coaches in a one to one setting like a councillor or go to a workshop which is generally a little more cost effective but gives you all the skills you need to develop the changes you require. It is debatable and down to the specific problem however I believe that coaching should not be required for the long term. It is something that gives you the tools to help yourself.

I had not known about coaching when I went through my journey of grief, but if I had, I would have chosen it as my support structure. For me the action outcome of coaching is what I require to develop.

Seek medical support

I think its important for us all to be self aware enough to know the difference between sadness and a severe hormonal imbalance that can not be address with exercise and some self help. If your challenges are giving you thoughts of suicide it is important for you to contact a professional in the medical industry such as a doctor or call the Samaritans on 116 123.

Please remember you are not alone in whatever your issue. I hear very similar doubts and issues in each one of us that repeat over and over. Mostly though when people talk to me they think they are the 'only ones' going through there set of circumstances and that exacerbates that feeling of anxiety, please trust me, you are not and those people have gone on to live happy lives through the pain or trauma that they have suffered.



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