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Where is the visceral hate coming from?

In a world seen as becoming more divided where do we go?

I have no answers for this and in many ways as I write this I hope I get to the end with a solution we can all adopt. I know that what I see in society in this growing visceral hate is something that scares me. Not a scare that I don’t want to leave the house but more one that considers what will happen to the human race if it continues on the trajectory it has been on in the past 10 years.

We see people more disconnected from each other and more divides than ever before. Of course, when we look at the people in our communities who are doing wonderful things you might say that actually we are pulling together. However, there is the underlying discontentment and hate that leaves us feeling that maybe we have really no idea what is going on. We have more names for our generations than ever before and each one has a different take on the world that the other does not understand. Everyone with their own agenda, everyone being fed their own propaganda messages through the social media they are subjected to and in turn churn it back out to people who see something else and so therefore often don’t care. The streets are moving to places for protest, whether it’s the single person who refuses to wear a mask or to the groups of people who have been manipulated to stand for a cause. The divisions are growing

Families divide in a lack of understanding of the worlds they frequent and as we move into workplaces the same happens.

Racism, social division, equality in all its forms is discussed in great detail but let’s be honest, few are really getting it. We are going through the motions of looking like we have some empathy, but it appears no one really wants to put on someone else’s shoes. It’s causing frustration and that is turning to a visceral hate. I don’t have the answers, but I know that to really see change we must fight the need to be right and accept the world in some part through the eyes of others. We need to find processes that allow for change and educate in a kind way of the different worlds we are all frequenting without discourse.

I hope we find a way back to each other soon.


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